ASA and WABBA qualified swimming teacher & gym and weight training instructor.

I provide adult beginner and improver lessons and 1 to 1 improvement lessons for school age students of the National Plan for Teaching Swimming, from Beginners to Honours Challenge for London Barnet & Enfield Borough residents. If your child is stuck at a given stage at swimming school, or needs to improve a stroke, email me to arrange a lesson.

I cater for mature gym users as well as younger ones. Don't want / can't afford a personal trainer every time you visit the gym? Specific training programmes with explanations also available to purchase online, emailed to you for a one off fee of £5 - see below.

Type of training programme Beginners Intermediate Advanced
Male Fitness/Toning
Female Fitness/Toning Programmes
Endurance Training Programmes
Strength Training Programmes
Body building programmes

Cardio Work outs
Heart & Lung health and fat burning.

Basic Sports Weight Training Programme
Train your body for your sport

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