ASA and WABBA qualified swimming teacher & gym and weight training instructor.

I provide adult beginner and improver lessons, and 1 to 1 improvement lessons for school age students of the National Plan for Teaching Swimming, from Beginners to Honours Challenge in North London Barnet and Enfiled Boroughs and Hertfordshire. Email me to arrange a lesson.

I cater for mature gym users as well as younger ones. Don't want / can't afford a personal trainer every time you visit the gym? Specific training programmes with explanations also available to purchase online, emailed to you for a one off fee of £5 - see below.

Type of training programme Beginners Intermediate Advanced
Male Fitness/Toning
Female Fitness/Toning Programmes
Endurance Training Programmes
Strength Training Programmes
Body building programmes

Cardio Work outs
Heart & Lung health and fat burning.
Please email name & age if ordering this.

Basic Sports Weight Training Programme
Train your body for your sport

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